Bad Thoughts Generate Feelings Behaviour

as opposed to

Nice Thoughts Generate Feelings Behaviour

Our Bad Feelings and/or possibly our Physical Sensations in our body – are our Perfect Navigation Signals of our body – saying something like:

“Please, how about just at least slightly changing your view – approach – and let “the serious problem to be solved” go for some time and

Focus on what You Really Like, on What Makes Sense to you, on What always Brings Joy and Smile to yoo, on What has always been Important for you – e.g. it can be anything you know and are perfectly sure about it – because of that comfortable – nice – peaceful – joyful – happy feeling which goes with that – while “doing – being” in that.”

Because the more we focus and direct ourselves in that direction of what “feels nice – what we are curious about”, something new and fresh will come to us 100% for sure, the only thing is that we don´t know when exactly (- what may make us feel down a bit again…)

But the Moment we Notice it – and that there has Always Been that Hope for that

– and the kind of Security Network for us – Available any time we need it (although it may not even seem like this at times)

– Yet, we can Trust and Rely on that

and see the Glimpses of Nice Moments Every Day

and more and more “conscioussly” Go For those things/activities/actions/ideas/simply to put – Anything what Sounds and Feels Nice NOW

And See What Happens…?


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